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21 Rescission of Judgment II
20 Rescission of Judgment
19 Independence and Objectivity
18 Property lawyer or Conveyancer
17 Execution of a Judgment
16 Buying / Selling a Business
15 Small Claims Court
14 Legal things to do in 2012
13 Drunken Driving
12 Legal queries
11 Trusts – its all in the name
10 Due diligence – a basic tool in your business kit
9 Debt Collection - a professional approach
8 "I do?" – understanding the legal impact of getting married. 
7. Homes, castles and dreams
6. To sue or not to sue? Let's start with "how" to sue.
5. Knowledge helps – Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates
4. Paying it forward – pro bono support where it counts
3. Contracts - Prevention is better than cure
2. The prickly matter of legal costs
1. Success comes with small steps

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Legal things to do 2012!

The beginning of the year brings a sense of new hope, refreshed energies and a spirit for taking on the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead.

In our assisting clients we see the value in assessing issues early and dealing with them. At the outset of 2012 identify your legal needs and give them appropriate attention. Something might have been on your mind for ages, you may have a new policy in your business, or are planning for the future. Here are some examples of things that you might want to attend to:

  • The new Companies Act: While many are still scratching their heads, the deadline for converting to the new company format will loom sooner than you think. Apply some energy preparing for this.
  • Due diligence: Who are your customers and business partners? Are they a sole proprietor or company, what are their address details, and is your agreement verbal or written? Check. This helps your administration, and facilitates action if needs be. (click here for more info)
  • Debt collection: Clear out your debtor book. A letter from a law firm may do the trick, other times not. Find out sooner, and avoid the risk of the debt prescribing after three years. (click here for more info)
  • Marriage plans: The ante in Ante-nuptial Contract (sometimes called a "pre-nup") refers to executing the contract before getting married. Take advice on marriage implications early. Changing marriage regimes afterwards is expensive. (click here for more info)
  • Selling or buying a property: Always speak to a conveyancer about this before signing an offer to purchase. Finding yourself bound to an agreement you are not happy with is unpleasant. (click here for more info)
  • Selling or buying a business or franchise: The excitement of a deal is a high, almost as high as the low that follows when you fail to read the fine print and are caught out. If you are embarking on the bold step of starting, buying or selling a business, take it seriously and get advice.
  • Wills and administration of estates: Update or prepare your Will - things change and your Will should reflect this. Similarly, understanding the process of winding up an estate helps you plan for the future. Find out how this works. No doubt your staff would benefit from this too. (click here for more info)
In all of these the most difficult part is taking the first step. It is easier when there is someone to help. Give us a call.

From the team. MA Cooper Attorneys
With Energy and with Experience, giving you Expression

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