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4. Paying it forward – pro bono support where it counts
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1. Success comes with small steps

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Paying it forward – pro bono support where it counts

We felt it appropriate at this early stage of the year to reflect on two examples of paying it forward, and hope that we can encourage others to do the same in whatever way the can.

The Hluma Trust

We were approached in 2010 by a group uplifting underprivileged people’s lives in Site C township, Khayelitsha. They support soup kitchens, basic skills transfer programs, home care for the frail and sick, a care program for orphans and more. Their emphasis is on social development so that people can learn to help themselves, combined with basic support.

We assisted on a pro bono basis to register a charitable trust The Hluma Trust. Working closely with the founder and trustees, we identified beneficiaries, objectives and management provisions of the Trust. The objectives had to be defined so as to make their execution clear while still allowing flexibility for the charitable work that it intends doing to remain relevant into the future. The same balance between control and discretion is required for identifying the beneficiaries.

Benefits of creating a formal structure like a charitable trust include:

1) Donors are happier as funds are properly administered, facilitating further fund-raising.
2) Government bodies, local and foreign, are prepared to work with the Trust.
3) Non-profit organisation and tax exemption status can be applied for.
4) Governance and reporting becomes easier and more transparent.
5) The Founder’s vision can be carried forward far beyond their own involvement, leaving a legacy from which others will benefit for years to come.

We continue to be involved with The Hluma Trust in an advisory capacity and we hope that this will make a big difference in people’s lives.

Iris Florist cc

Every small business faces a mountain of legal and administrative issues. Legal advice increases the prospects of a small business by reducing and understanding the risks it faces. We assist a florist, Iris Florist, in Cape Town, on a pro bono basis whose owner is deaf by registering the close corporation, checking leases for hiring premises, and advising on best business practice. As a result Iris Florist can focus on arranging beautiful flowers for its customers!

We hope that both The Hluma Trust and Iris Florist will grow and flourish in the future. Should you wish to support the charity or need flowers give us a call and we will put you in touch with them.


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