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21 Rescission of Judgment II
20 Rescission of Judgment
19 Independence and Objectivity
18 Property lawyer or Conveyancer
17 Execution of a Judgment
16 Buying / Selling a Business
15 Small Claims Court
14 Legal things to do in 2012
13 Drunken Driving
12 Legal queries
11 Trusts – its all in the name
10 Due diligence – a basic tool in your business kit
9 Debt Collection - a professional approach
8 "I do?" – understanding the legal impact of getting married. 
7. Homes, castles and dreams
6. To sue or not to sue? Let's start with "how" to sue.
5. Knowledge helps – Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates
4. Paying it forward – pro bono support where it counts
3. Contracts - Prevention is better than cure
2. The prickly matter of legal costs
1. Success comes with small steps

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How do I get a Rescission of a Judgment?

You have paid off your debt in terms of a judgment, but the credit record companies still have it recorded against your name ....
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I need to clear my name! The rescission of a judgment.

Ever applied for credit only to be rejected because you have a judgment against your name? And you did not even know about it! ....
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Independence and objectivity are the point!

One of the more challenging aspects of a lawyer's role in advising their clients is to remain objective, yet precisely this trait is amongst the most valuable parts of a lawyer's service. ....
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When do you need a property lawyer or conveyancer?

A lawyer or attorney who deals with land or immovable property matters is a specialist and formally called a conveyancer. Not all lawyers are conveyancers ....
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Execution of a Judgment

You went through the whole process of litigation and won, or you were lucky enough to get a Default Judgment ....
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Buying and Selling a business

The decision to buy or sell a business is one of the more important decisions you'll make in your life, so it is sensible to try and minimise the risk ....
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Going to the Small Claims Court

We thought it might be useful to explain the basics of how the SCC process works given the number of enquiries we receive that can be dealt with in the Small Claims Court ....
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Legal things to do 2012

The beginning of the year brings a sense of new hope, refreshed energies and a spirit for taking on the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead.
In our assisting clients we see the value in ....
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Drunken Driving - a sobering experience

Being arrested for drunken driving is something you would rather avoid. Not only is dealing with the case against you very traumatising, but the knock-on consequences are significant. The term "drunken driving" refers to ....
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Legal queries that we have received – like the colours of the rainbow

We are often asked what it is that we do. It is a difficult question to answer. Sort of like answering where the end of the rainbow is! So we thought it might be useful to draw up a list of queries we have received over time to give you an idea. You can see the list in ....
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Trusts – its all in the name

As fashions come and go so it is in the legal and financial advisory world. Trusts, in the form of Business Trusts, Family Trusts, Charitable Trusts and Testamentary Trusts, have become remarkably popular. Even more so, in itself the manner in which Trusts have been marketed, has also ....
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Due diligence – a basic tool in your business kit

We normally only hear about due diligence in the context of large business deals or mergers and acquisitions. The principles of due diligence can however, be applied at any level of business interaction and the benefits are significant. On the most basic level, due diligence is simply a reference to the fact that ....
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Debt collection – a professional approach

Debt collection is a matter close to many people's hearts at the moment. Whether you are on the creditor or the debtor side of the line it is essential to understand the process to be able to make appropriate decisions. Essentially debt collection is a specific type of ....
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"I do?" – understanding the legal impact of getting married.

It is a moment that many people dream about. Whether asking "The Question" or answering it, one's life can change in an instant. The engagement or commitment made here will affect you for the rest of....
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Homes, castles and dreams

Buying or selling of a house is a big moment in life. It may be your family's future home, the place that you always returned to or the place where many of your dreams came true. For these and other compelling reasons, it is important to ensure that you receive good, independent advice on the process of selling ....
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To sue or not to sue? Let's start with "how" to sue.

Your patience is long gone, you have had enough and you've decided to sue that person who owes you money, who damaged your property, or whatever it was that they did. The question is "how" does it work? We thought it would be useful to at least.....
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Knowledge helps – Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates

It goes without saying that the idea of passing away is traumatic, whether it is in thinking about your own death or dealing with the death of a loved one. In our experience, it makes a difficult time considerably easier if the deceased had .....
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Paying it forward – pro bono support where it counts

We felt it appropriate at this early stage of the year to reflect on two examples of paying it forward, and hope that we can .....
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Contracts - Prevention is better than cure

The cliché of “prevention is better than cure” is surprisingly true in the legal context. We are often asked to assist clients who signed contracts they never should have signed...
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The prickly matter of legal costs
Lawyers’ fees! Need we say more? Probably not, but in the spirit of informing people about the legal world, and as a source of much discontent, we thought it would be good to tackle this issue head on...
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Success comes with small steps
It is often said that success comes with many small steps. We recently learnt this lesson again and would like to share the moment with you.

A client approached us for assistance in claiming...
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